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Communication is a field that involves sending messages and improving relationships.  The study of this subject helps us develop life skills as well as help us succeed professionally.

Bay College offers many courses in the Communication area.  This can lead to a concentration in your Associate’s degree or lead to a minor or major at a transfer institution.  Currently our courses include Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, Mass Communication and Popular Culture, Introduction to Film and Group Communication.

The job market is wide open for experts in Communication.  Possible job titles for graduates with this knowledge are:  Fund Raiser, Entertainer, Broadcaster, Public Relations Expert, Advertiser, Reporter, Teacher,  Communication Consultant, Customer Service, Film Director, Lobbyist, Lawyer, Minister, Publicist, Business Manager, Sound Technician, Speechwriter, Theatre Manager, Tour Guide, Media Critic, Human Resources, Linguist, Radio Talk Show Host, Sales, Hotel Manager, Press Secretary, Arts Administrator, Political Consultant.

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