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Students who choose to concentrate on English during their time at Bay College and major or minor in English when they transfer choose from a variety of classes in nonfiction writing, creative writing, research writing, technical writing, and literature.

Why a Degree in English?

A degree with a concentration in English can be helpful no matter what your career path.  Bay College’s English courses will give you a solid foundation in writing and analytical thinking.  Taking courses in writing and literature can prepare you for a wide variety of careers.  Any career or profession that requires analytical skills, writing skills, and research skills will benefit from a degree with a concentration in English.

Why Bay College?

Our English courses are designed to transfer to other colleges and universities and serve as the foundation for students who major or minor in English.  The writing you do for your Bay College English classes (and works of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry you do on your own) is also eligible for publication in Serendipity, the Bay College student literary magazine published each spring.  Each fall, Bay College participates in the annual Liberal Arts Network for Development (LAND) writing contest, open to any Bay College student.  Many Bay College students have received top honors (including monetary awards) in the statewide competition.

Degree Options

At Bay College, you can earn an Associate in Arts degree with a concentration in English that can be transferred to other colleges and universities.  Or if you prefer to transfer before completing the Associate in Arts degree, specific English courses will also transfer.

Career Options

English majors hold jobs in many fields such as journalism, creative writing, technical writing, teaching, and marketing. The major is also a favorite for many students planning for advanced study in law, philosophy, and other higher degrees.  A four-year degree is usually required for positions specifically requiring an English major.

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