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Everything has to do with geography” (Judy Martz former Governor of Montana)
Geographers study the Earth and its land, features, inhabitants, and phenomena. Most geographers work in one of two main branches of geography: physical and cultural.  Physical Geographers examine the physical aspects of a region, including its landforms, climates, soils, vegetation, water, plants, and animals.  Cultural geographers analyze the spatial implications of human activities within a given area, including its economic activities, social characteristics, and political organization, and further classified on the basis of their specific focus. (Occupational Outlook Handbook)

Bay College offers courses which fall within the main branches of geography including: Introduction to Geography (GEOG 102), Physical Geography (GEOG 110) which includes an online lab, and World Regional Geography – Developed World (GEOG 125) and World Regional Geography – Developing World (GEOG 126).

A geography job is any job that focuses on location.  For many people, the jobs that first come to mind are those related to making maps, but many other kinds of work are linked to place.  Jobs utilizing geography range from planning the location of schools and businesses to analyzing the political stability of a region.  Workers in geography jobs do not necessarily need a degree in geography, in fact, workers [may] need a degree in another subject.  Even if it is not required, however, some training in geography – whether in the form of a geography degree, certificate, or individual courses – is an advantage.  (Geography Jobs – Occupational Outlook Quarterly)
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