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Why a Degree in History?

Historians study how past events have affected people as members of a social, ethnic, or geographical group. They locate, organize and evaluate historical documents such as old newspapers, diaries, public records, and letters. They must determine if these documents are genuine before they can be included in their museum displays or in historical research.

Historians develop theories to explain past events based on their research. Often they try to find relationships between past and current events. While most historians teach in colleges and universities, many do research and write books about different societies. Some serve as consultants to editors and television or film producers to insure that portrayals of past time periods are accurate.

Some historians become biographers and choose one person from the past and study and write about his or her life. Others become genealogists and trace family histories. Still other historians study and help preserve historic writings, buildings, and sites.  Most historians work at colleges, libraries, or museums. Some may work for publishing firms, motion picture studios, and federal and state agencies.
Average Salary in Michigan and Nationally

Wage Level Michigan National
range: $36,930
to $78,470
Per Hour Salary
range: $25,850
to $95,750
Per Hour
Entry $36,930 $17.75 $25,850 $12.43
Median $54,220 $26.07 $51,050 $24.54
Experienced $78,470 $37.73 $95,750 $46.03

Citation: All of the above information was supplied by CareerLocker, (https://careerlocker.com/Default.asp), 2015.

Why Bay College?

Did you know that many CEOs have had history-related undergraduate degrees?  Why would this be?  History teaches us to: think critically and globally, analyze cause-effect dynamics, examine and understand the reasons behind long-term trends, and understand human behaviors and choices both individually and collectively at the societal level.   No matter what their major, students will benefit from taking Bay College’s history courses, and when combined with other fields of study or majors, a history major also can give students a competitive edge when entering into careers in business, marketing, finance, science, engineering, art and design, political science, education, psychology, and many other fields.
With a variety of course offerings in history, Bay College provides students with the opportunity to start their History or Social Studies Education degrees in a supportive environment with smaller class sizes.  In addition to the study of history for general-education purposes, students majoring in history or education will benefit from the role modeling of best-practice teaching methods by their Bay College history instructors, both online and on campus.  Bay College history instructors are highly educated and published scholars who hold master’s degrees, doctorates, and certifications in the fields of history and education.

Degree Options
Career Options
  • Education
  • Architectural History
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Historic Preservation
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Archivist
  • Public and Applied History
Western Civilization: The History Department offers survey and special topics courses related to western civilization and world cultures.

*There are online and Bay West campus history offerings. See the course schedule for specific semester offerings.

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