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Jennifer McCann, Chair

Arts & Letters Division

Bay College
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Bay College offers courses in Spanish, French, or German.  The study of languages involves the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills for students to function in social as well as academic situations.  Language is the primary vehicle for expressing cultural perspectives and participating in social practices.  Thus, the study of a new language provides opportunities for students to develop cultural insights that are available in no other way.  Students who are language majors choose from a variety of courses that give them solid preparation for understanding and dealing with an entirely new culture, a skill of increasing significance in an increasingly interdependent world.


Students at Bay College may take Spanish I, II and III, to earn written and oral fluency in the language, as well as a background of the Hispanic culture.   In every class session, students will develop the following skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Spanish classes are supported at Bay College with authentic material, teaching the students the real everyday language since the first lesson. Advanced learners will have access to higher written texts and poetry. 


French I or French II courses are offered at Bay College.  French I is an introductory level course based upon “The Natural Approach” developing comprehension skills followed by expressive skills used to convey basic personal information and common topics.  This course will allow students ample opportunities to improve their French proficiency through conversation, reading, writing, and studies of Francophone cultures. French II provides a solid foundation of French fluency and involves more in depth study of education, travel, and technology, as well as exploration of popular culture (including cinema), environmental issues, business, and health. 


Bay College also offers courses in German Language and Culture I and II.  Coursework in this area provides students with a sound basis for learning spoken and written German, along with offering exposure to contemporary life and culture in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Upon completion of both courses, student will have a comprehensive knowledge of the language.
The demand for personnel with language skills is apparent in many different types and places of work including:
  • Business, Industry and Commerce
  • Banking and Financial Positions
  • Government and International Services – Department of State, National Security Agency, Library of Congress, United Nations, local government
  • Educators
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Hospitality and Tourism Workers
  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Media – Journalism, radio and television, film, publishing
  • Secretarial and Clerical Positions
  • Services – health professions, social work, library science, service organizations, law and law enforcement, fire fighters, volunteer agencies
  • Technical and Engineering Positions
  • Translators and Interpreters
  • Travel and Tourism

To learn about job growth and positions available in this field, visit: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

*French and German classes are run when student interest and enrollment allow


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