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The study of music is a passport to world cultures, language and history.  Music is an expressive and creative art requiring considerable discipline. Successful music students extend that success in all areas of study, in part, due to the skills and confidence gained through their experiences in music courses.

At Bay College, preparatory and early level music courses are offered as humanities and electives. All courses are designed to meet the needs of students planning to pursue degree programs in music.  Music instructors at Bay place high value on the relevance of the arts in the lives of students and offer numerous opportunities for exposure to all musical styles and periods.  In addition, students benefit from the small class size and personal interaction and access to faculty. 

Each music course at Bay College complements the content of the others.  Applied Music students will recognize, in their study, the styles and structures from Elements of Music or Music Theory and Appreciation.  Those enrolled in a performance course are encouraged to participate in Theater productions as orchestra players or cast members.  Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in music pursue careers in education and performance.  Working in retail, media and orchestras are some of the peripheral occupations for music graduates.
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