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Are you interested in why people do the things they do?  Maybe you’re curious about memory or personality or the way we develop across the lifespan, or how we make decisions.  Perhaps you’ve wondered about how the brain works or how groups influence us or the causes of psychological disorders.  Psychology is a specialty area in the social and behavioral sciences that studies behavior and mental processes, and can provide insights that are valuable for both our personal and professional lives. 
Why a Degree in Psychology?
Learning about psychology can be helpful no matter your career path.  Taking courses in psychology can prepare an individual for a wide variety of careers – nurse, teacher, law enforcement officer, business manager, and for the roles we play – parent, student, citizen, and worker.  Any career or profession that requires people skills, analytical skills, writing skills, and research skills will benefit from an understanding of psychology. 
Why Bay College?
Our courses are designed to transfer to other colleges and universities and serve as the foundation for students who major or minor in psychology.  But whether you are majoring in psychology or not, the first course you take is PSYC 201 Introduction to Psychology which gives you a broad survey of contemporary scientific psychology. 
Other psychology courses offered at Bay offer you a more detailed look at a specific area of psychology.  For instance, PSYC 220 Developmental Psychology examines how we change across the lifespan.  In PSYC 206 Social Psychology you’ll learn about social thinking, social influence, and social relations.  PSYC 208 Abnormal Psychology provides an overview of how psychological disorders are diagnosed, classified, and treated. 

Degree Options
Bay College’s psychology courses will give you a solid introduction to the concepts, principles, and current advances in this fascinating and growing field.  As a science, psychology is concerned with understanding, explaining and predicting behavior, and as a profession, it is dedicated to applying this knowledge to address practical human problems. 
You’ll earn an Associate in Arts that can be transferred to colleges and universities.  Or if you prefer, specific psychology courses will also transfer.
Career Options
The most opportunities exist for those who earn graduate degrees in psychology.  Psychologists are employed in a variety of settings like education, business, health care, and criminal justice working as clinical/counseling, school, neuroscience, health, forensic, and educational psychologists.  Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015) indicate that the job outlook for psychology is projected to grow 19% through 2024 which is much faster than the average for all occupations.  Clinical, counseling and school psychology will see a growth rate of 20%.  The median salary for psychologists was about $73,000 and varies with specialty area.  Job prospects and salary should be best with those with graduate degrees.

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