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The Art of Theater is a field that involves creativity, technology, literature, and the performing arts. Many students take what they have learned in these classes and become professional artists, but most become better audience members; more educated, more appreciative.  Theater at Bay College offers students a number of theatrical opportunities to hone their skills, both in the classroom and on the stage.

Why Work with Theater?
Studies in Theater – and the rewarding work that goes with such studies – provide students with skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives, no matter what career paths they may choose.  With courses in Acting, Theater Appreciation, and Practicum, students can earn transferable credit for doing what they love, and with two productions per year, students can become part of a craft dating back thousands of years and across cultures.  With our repertoire expanding to include classics, modern pieces, and contemporary plays while still producing musicals, Bay Theater promises to produce something for every student at least once over the course of one’s studies here!
Why Bay College?
Theater at Bay College is dedicated to providing a high-quality education within a safe and supportive center for artistic development.  Bay offers the opportunity to perform or produce in a well-appointed theater – the Besse Center Theater – that comes equipped with computerized lighting, high-tech audio, and excellent dressing rooms befitting YOUR turn across the stage!  Also, as part of a tightly knit theater family, expect to develop a network of collaborators that could last a lifetime.

Degree Options
Theater courses at Bay can both fulfill degree requirements here OR transfer to other institutions for Bachelor’s level study.

Career Options
Career options for Theater students are numerous.  Not only might a Theater member move on to live as a playwright, technician, actor, or producer, but the skills learned in Theater prepare you to take on any challenge with which the world may present you!
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