All associate degree graduates of Bay College will possess those qualities, abilities, skills, and knowledge which give them new insights, challenge them to consider new possibilities, create community, and sensitize them to other perspectives.

By graduation, all associate degree students need to meet the General Education outcomes that stem from the categories of Communication, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social & Behavioral Science, and Humanities. Students are required to take approved courses from the following General Education Course list. For information regarding a specific program, students are encouraged to examine the program's requirements as listed in the college catalog and to consult with their advisor.

The Five General Education Categories are:
  1. Communication - Demonstrate proficiency in communicating effectively by writing in standard English. Additional studies may include demonstrating proficiency in communication through written, oral, or non-verbal messages and an understanding of the theoretical principles and practices of communication.
  2. Mathematics - Develop problem solving techniques by using mathematical formulas and critical thinking skills.
  3. Natural Science - Demonstrate broad contemporary knowledge about a natural field, the process of science, and the ability to apply scientific reasoning
  4. Social & Behavioral Science - Develop social awareness and responsibility through understanding national and global issues.
  5. Humanities - Develop social awareness of how society and culture interplay in artistic expression and enrichment.
See the specific General Education requirements for each degree by clicking on the type of degree at left. See the courses available under each General Education category by clicking on General Ed Courses at left.
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