Labyrinth-Banner.jpg In 2009, Bay College dedicated the Labyrinth & Nature Trails to the Bay College Campus.

Unlike a maze which is a puzzle to be solved and has twists, turns and dead ends, a labyrinth has only one path. The way in is the way out. It is an ancient symbol representing wholeness and the path one takes through life. The labyrinth design at Bay is modeled after the classic design found in the cathledral at Chartres, France going back to 1225 AD. It is a resource people have used for meditation, centering and healing.

What walking the labyrinth will mean to you is a question only you can answer. There is no right way. And you will find that walking this labyrinth might provide you a wide variety of experinces depending on what is happening in your life at the time and what thoughts, concerns, or worries preoccupy your mind with all the distractions within the world today which call for your attention to be given to things or issues outside of yourself. Walking on the labyrinth path invites you to focus on what is happening within you and hopefully give you a renewed senses of peace, hope and insight.
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