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Great week at Bay College

Last week Bay College had our last orientation day for the summer and faculty and studlent services served and registered over 140 students.  This week Student Services tried a new concept: Rapid enrollment.  Student service helped students fill out college applications, FAFSA forms, take COMPASS tests, register students and get them to the bookstore along with tours of the college.  Over 100 students were registered in two days.  

Today was an all day event for employees.  The committees working on Guided Pathways gave
presentations on the plans they have developed and encouraged feedback and questions.  Several
employees commented they learned a great deal about what Bay College is doing and why we are 
focused on Guided Pathways.  

A lot of employees also decided they wanted to move their offices to the HUB:-).  Students are beginning to find the HUB and are ecstatic about the facilities.  A couple of students commented they were here a couple of years ago.  They are glad to be back and they believe the HUB will help them stay more engaged and will finish their degree this time.  The Math Science renovation is creating a lot of excitement also.
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