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The HUB is exactly that, the HUB of the college

It is so much fun to go for a walk around the campus and no matter what time of day, the HUB is loaded with students!  Very exciting to see an idea that grew as more people became involved in the design of the HUB and students love it.

I am thoroughly enjoying my conversations with employees!  Oscar DeLong brought the PAC the questions and they have proved to be a great tool to guide conversations.  I am learning a lot from the conversations and look forward to finding the commonalities and the very different thoughts employees have about the community of Bay College.  Dialogue is always a great thing and will help guide BLT trainings and the direction of Bay College.  The questions I am asking are found below.  I look forward to meeting with all employees so I can hear everyone's thoughts.
  1. What kind of a community do you want Bay College to become?
  2. Given what we just said, what are the two to three most important issues or concerns for the Bay College community?
  3. What concerns do you have about this issue? Why?
  4. How do the issues we’re talking about affect you personally?
  5. When you think about these things, how do you feel about what’s going on?
  6. What do you think is keeping us from making the progress we want?
  7. When you think about what we’ve talked about, what are the things that could be done that would make a difference?
  8. Thinking back over the conversation, what group or individuals would you trust to take action on these things?
  9. If we came back together in six months or a year, what might you see which would tell you that the things we talked about today were happening?
  10. Now that we’ve talked about this issue , what questions do you have about it?
I hope people follow the blog.  I will try and write something every week.

Have a great day!
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