Wedig Artists in Bay College Besse Gallery

Image of Artist Piece by Dale Wedig

Image of Artist Piece by Cindy Wedig
Bay College announces the opening reception and artist talk for the exhibition, Metal, Oil and Dirt, by artists Dale and Cindy Wedig in the Besse Gallery on Thursday, January 18 at 3 pm EST.

Dale Wedig is a Professor of Art and Design at Northern Michigan University. For the past 34 years, he has headed the Metalsmithing and Sculpture concentrations. Throughout his professional career, he has maintained a private home studio producing work for galleries, exhibitions, and commissions throughout the United States. His home is in Gwinn, Michigan surrounded by the woods and where whatever weirdness is in the water helps to make art. He feels blessed with a great wife, family, friends and life.

Dale Wedig - Artist Statement:  One of the greatest artistic interests I have consistently engaged with over my professional career has been with the compound hammer forming of sheet copper. The outcomes are only limited by my imagination and the skills/knowledge I have accumulated over the past 40 years. I recall the first attempt I made with this material every time one of my students does the same. I think, “Can I make what I can draw”. I struggle to impose my will upon this material in every form I am inspired to attempt. To date, very few finished works look like the original idea conceived in my head. I will keep working on that.

Cindy Wedig is an artist of both clay and oil/cold wax.  She graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelors of Fine Art.  After raising her three children, she began to focus on her art career and to exhibit in both invitational and juried shows.  In addition, she produces clay functional ware for her online Etsy shop.  She currently resides in Gwinn surrounded by the beauty of the forest and her family.  She considers herself most blessed.   

Cindy Wedig - Artist Statement:  I seek honesty in my artwork.  Artwork that reflects who I truly am deep below my flesh within my spirit or soul.  It is as exclusive to me as my fingerprints and it desires to free itself in a visible form. Like the voice of a dear friend it urges me, pushes me, instructs me.  It never lets me down if I obey.  If I listen.  I seek to reflect intimacy with material.  Perfection is not necessary.  Humanity is imperfect.   I seek to uplift those who encounter my forms.  Uplift them to a place other than the earth they are standing on.  To a place that reconnects them with a truth they once knew but somehow forgot in hopes of helping them to return. 

The exhibition of their work can be viewed from January 15 - February 22, 2018 and the Opening Reception and Artist Talk is Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 3 pm EST.
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