Matthew Barron
Title: VP of Academic Affairs
Office: 201G  CB
Phone: 9062174054
Fax: 9062171637

Patrick Bazan
Title: Bldg Maintenance Manager
Office: 241  WC
Phone: 9063023022
Fax: 906-302-3222

David Beaudoin
Title: Shipping & Receiving Ops Clerk
Office: 1001A SHIP
Phone: 9062174112
Fax: 9062171686

John Belanger
Title: Custodian
Office: 201V  CB
Phone: 0

Jeremy Belanger
Title: Director Transfer & Advising
Office: 518  SC
Phone: 9062174014
Fax: 9062171609

Beth Belcher
Title: Conference & Training Coord
Office: 2003  MTEC
Phone: 9062174106
Fax: 9062171681

Daniel Bennett
Title: Fill In Custodian
Office: 1105A MAINT
Phone: 9062174030

Carl Berg
Title: Director of Accessibility
Office: 811  HUB
Phone: 9062174017
Fax: 9062171611

Ross Bergquist
Title: Simulation/Lab Technician
Office: 424A  BHAT
Phone: 9062174159

Beth Berube
Title: Director of Human Resources
Office: 523A  SC
Phone: 9062174036
Fax: 9062171625

Ann Bissell
Title: Librarian
Office: 850  HUB
Phone: 9062174079
Fax: 9062171682

Travis Blume
Title: VP of Student Services
Office: 519  SC
Phone: 9062174116
Fax: 9062171687

Joshua Blumensaadt
Title: Coord of Campus User Tech
Office: 908H  JHUC
Phone: 9062174274
Fax: 9062171726

Kevin Carlson
Title: VP - Finance & Workforce Devel
Office: 201J  CB
Phone: 9062174023
Fax: 9062171713

Kim Carne
Title: VP of College Advancement
Office: 201C  CB
Phone: 9062174027
Fax: 9062171620

Heidi Charon
Title: Retention Program Manager
Office: 828  HUB
Phone: 9062174175
Fax: 9062171723

Laura Coleman
Title: President
Office: 201E  CB
Phone: 9062174244
Fax: 9062171642

Jane Collegnon
Title: Administrative Assistant
Office: 422A  BHAT
Phone: 9062174072
Fax: 9062171653

Ralph Curry
Title: Director of Building & Grounds
Office: 1101  MAINT
Phone: 9062174080
Fax: 9062171661

Shawn Curtin
Title: Digital & Web Tech Specialist
Office: 864  HUB
Phone: 9062174088
Fax: 9062171730

Vicki DeGrand
Title: Advancement Specialist
Office: 201B  CB
Phone: 9062174048
Fax: 9062171632

Oscar DeLong
Title: Director of Library Services
Office: 851  HUB
Phone: 9062174076
Fax: 9062171657

Robert DeRocher
Title: Custodian/Groundskeeper
Office: 1103  MAINT
Phone: 9062174114

Mary Dittrich
Title: Administrative Assistant
Office: 401B  BHAT
Phone: 9062174081
Fax: 9062171662

Julie Dollhopf
Title: Records/Registration Assistant
Office: 502  SC
Phone: 9062174129
Fax: 9062171693

Todd Dubord
Title: Maintenance
Office: 1106A MAINT
Phone: 9062174128

Edith Erickson
Title: Instructional Designer
Office: 846  HUB
Phone: 9062174255

Ruth Germain
Title: Asst Director Financial Aid
Office: 508  SC
Phone: 9062174032
Fax: 9062171622

James Grider
Title: SI Coordinator
Office: 205  WC
Phone: 9063023181

Jule Hansen
Title: Custodian/Maintenance
Office: 241  WC
Phone: 9063023162

James Helmer
Title: TRiO Math Specialist
Office: 819  HUB
Phone: 9062174136
Fax: 9062171699

Renae Highum
Title: Enroll/Admissions Facilitator
Office: 502  SC
Phone: 9062174101
Fax: 9062171677

Justin Izzard
Title: Director of IT
Office: 902  JHUC
Phone: 9062174026
Fax: 9062171619

Tina Jensen
Title: TRiO Program Intake Coord
Office: 203  WC
Phone: 9063023006
Fax: 9063023206

Tina Jensen
Title: TRiO Program Intake Coord
Office: 815  HUB
Phone: 9062174133
Fax: 9062171696

Stephen Johnson
Title: Maintenance
Office: 1105  MAINT
Phone: 9062174115

Matthew Johnson
Title: Athletic Director
Office: 513  SC
Phone: 9062174134
Fax: 9062171697

Laura Johnson
Title: Executive Asst to President
Office: 201F  CB
Phone: 9062174022
Fax: 9062171616

Brooke Jorasz
Title: Financial Aid Specialist
Office: 502  SC
Phone: 9062174096
Fax: 9062171673

Aaron Kippola
Title: Technical & Theater Coord
Office: 709  BESSE
Phone: 9062174110
Fax: 9062171684

Michael Kulack
Title: Fill In Custodian
Office: 1105A MAINT
Phone: 9062174030

Jessica LaMarch
Title: Director of Admissions
Office: 511  SC
Phone: 9062174086
Fax: 9062171727

Rebecca Landenberger
Title: Registrar
Office: 507  SC
Phone: 9062174266
Fax: 9062171719

Jonathan Lane
Title: Enterprise Application Manager
Office: 518  SC
Phone: 9062174218
Fax: 9062171711

David Laur
Title: Director of Student Life
Office: 512  SC
Phone: 9062174031
Fax: 9062171621

John Lewandowski
Title: Custodian
Office: 506  SC
Phone: 9062174094

Linda Lewandowski
Title: Dean of Allied Health
Office: 422C  BHAT
Phone: 9062174012
Fax: 9062171607

Renee Lundberg
Title: Business Development Manager
Office: 2005  MTEC
Phone: 9062174224
Fax: 9062171709

Amber Lundberg
Title: Academic Support Coordinator
Office: 205  WC
Phone: 9063023004
Fax: 9063023207

Deanna MacKenzie
Title: Fill-In Custodian
Office: 1105A MAINT
Phone: 9062174030

Lynn Martinson
Title: Senior Accountant
Office: 201L  CB
Phone: 9062174078
Fax: 9062171644

Erica Mead
Title: TRiO Literacy Specialist
Office: 817  HUB
Phone: 9062174135
Fax: 9062171698

Clinton Miles
Title: Fill In Custodian
Office: 1105A MAINT
Phone: 9062174030

Joseph Mold
Title: Director of Online Learning
Office: 846  HUB
Phone: 9062174246
Fax: 9062171630

Laura Moloney
Title: BCW Director of Student Serv
Office: 217  WC
Phone: 9063023010
Fax: 9063023210

James Murtha
Title: Coach
Office: 516  SC
Phone: 9062174186

Christian Nelson
Title: Staff Accountant
Office: 501  SC
Phone: 9062174062
Fax: 9062171659

Patrick Ogle
Title: Custodian
Office: 419  BHAT
Phone: 9062174118

Ann Olsen
Title: Academic Testing Manager
Office: 876  HUB
Phone: 9062174053
Fax: 9062171636

Carrie Oney
Title: Administrative Assistant
Office: 201H  CB
Phone: 9062174019
Fax: 9062171613

Joseph Pacheco
Title: Director, Safety & Security
Office: 202  CB
Phone: 9062174300

Michael Pankow
Title: SID/Baseball Coach
Office: 519  SC
Phone: 9062174295

Penny Pavlat
Title: Director of IR and Reporting
Office: 517  SC
Phone: 9062174099
Fax: 9062171676

Timothy Penegor
Title: SI Leader
Office: 833  HUB
Phone: 9062174258

Jacob Peterson
Title: Simulation/Lab Technician
Office: 424A  BHAT
Phone: 0

William Purdy
Title: Instructor
Office: 401D  BHAT
Phone: 9062174191

Benjamin Reath
Title: Technical Support Coordinator
Office: 248  WC
Phone: 9063023036
Fax: 9063023236

Amy Reddinger
Title: Dean of Arts & Sciences
Office: 224B  CB
Phone: 9062174068
Fax: 9062171614

Mark Roberts
Title: Custodian
Office: 968A  JHUC
Phone: 9062174087

Deanna Robinette
Title: Allied Health Coordinator
Office: 422D  BHAT
Phone: 9062174073
Fax: 9062171654

Ashley Rogers
Title: Placement &Tutoring Specialist
Office: 825  HUB
Phone: 9062174301

Sebastian Savard
Title: IT Administrator I
Office: 922  JHUC
Phone: 9062174290
Fax: 9062171610

Brian Schaefer
Title: Technical Support Specialist
Office: 249  WC
Phone: 9063023023
Fax: 9063023223

Martanna Schroeder
Title: Library Administrative Asst
Office: 863  HUB
Phone: 9062174069
Fax: 9062171650

Brian Seppanen
Title: IT Administrator II
Office: 922  JHUC
Phone: 9062174092
Fax: 9062171670

Craig Smith
Title: Maintenance Technician
Office: 1104  MAINT
Phone: 9062174057

Laurel Spangenberg
Title: Director of Financial Aid
Office: 508  SC
Phone: 9062174065
Fax: 9062171646

Bonnie St John
Title: Financial Aid Advisor
Office: 209  WC
Phone: 9063023106
Fax: 9063023216

Larry Sundling
Title: Instructor
Office: 412B  BHAT
Phone: 9062174002

Matthew Talon
Title: Fill-In Custodian
Office: 124  WC
Phone: 0

Ann Valiquette
Title: Director of Business Office
Office: 201I  CB
Phone: 9062174070
Fax: 9062171651

Melissa VanBrocklin
Title: Human Resources Specialist
Office: 937  JHUC
Phone: 9062174042
Fax: 9062171628

Linda Varda
Title: Enrollment Facilitator
Office: 203  WC
Phone: 9063023002
Fax: 9063023202

Sherri Viau
Title: Staff Accountant
Office: 201K  CB
Phone: 9062174139
Fax: 9062171703

Nicole Wagner
Title: Sim Tech/Lab Coordinator
Office: 422D  BHAT
Phone: 9062174074
Fax: 9062171722

Daniel Wall
Title: Maintenance Technician
Office: 1102  MAINT
Phone: 9062174149

Jill Wiese-Martin
Title: Director of TRiO
Office: 812  HUB
Phone: 9062174132
Fax: 9062171716

Daniel Williams
Title: Graphic Designer
Office: 522B  SC
Phone: 9062174095
Fax: 9062171672

Christine Williams
Title: VP of Operations
Office: 202A  CB
Phone: 9062174077
Fax: 9062171658

Kathleen Wolak
Title: Receptionist- Student Services
Office: 500  SC
Phone: 9062174117
Fax: 9062171688

Gina Wollner
Title: Workforce Development
Office: 219  WC
Phone: 9063023012
Fax: 9063023212

Susan Young
Title: SDS Coordinator
Office: 1001A SHIP
Phone: 9062174108
Fax: 9062171683

Bay College Main,
2001 N Lincoln Road, Escanaba, MI 49829
906.786.5802 Main Campus Directions